The Benefits of Vape Kits for Smokers Looking to Quit

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The Benefits of Vape Kits for Smokers Looking to Quit

If you’ve tried to quit smoking but haven’t had any luck, Vapes Direct can help. Studies have shown that people who use vapes to quit smoking have a success rate of up to 75%. When you compare that to the 5% of people who are able to quit cold turkey, it’s clear which method has a better chance of success.

One of the reasons vaping works so well is because it gives you the nicotine your body starts to crave when you stop smoking cigarettes. There are other types of nicotine replacement therapy, but vaping has the benefit of mimicking the act and feel of smoking a cigarette.

The Best Vape Kits for Quitting Smoking

Vapes Direct has several starter vape kits that can make your transition to vaping seamless and absolutely delicious. Starter kits are very beginner friendly because they come with all the gear you need to start vaping. They’re also straightforward to use and, especially in the case of vape pens, can feel almost like you’re having a cigarette.

If you’re just getting started with vaping, we recommend holding off on purchasing an advanced vape mod. No matter how tempting they may be, they can often be too advanced for a novice. Using a device that’s too complicated can end up discouraging you and pushing you back to vaping. Once you’ve gotten used to vaping, go ahead and get that fancy vape mod!

Another tip is to get an e-liquid strength that matches the number of cigarettes you were smoking when you decided to quit. Otherwise, you might not be able to satisfy your cravings.Heavier smokers should opt for at least 18mg e-liquid while more casual smokers can try a lower strength.

Vapes Direct has all the top brands and models of the best vape starter kits in the UK, like:

Continue exploring our website today to go smoke free with high quality, cheap vape kits from brands like VooPoo, SMOK, and GeekVape. You can also find incredible tasting e-liquids, disposable vape kits, and everything else vape related online from Vapes Direct.

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