The Kilo Vape Juice Collection: Exploring the Range of Flavours and Profiles

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The Kilo Vape Juice Collection Exploring the Range of Flavors and Profiles

Kilo is a brand of exceptional e-liquids that was founded in 2014 by an US Army veteran and an entrepreneur. Together, they set out to create a healthier alternative to smoking. In addition to their goal of ending the use of harmful cigarettes, their other core values are passion, integrity, sophistication, creativity, and patience. You can see these values at the heart of everything Kilo does, especially when it comes to the flavour and quality of their e-liquids.

Kilo Moo Series

Their Kilo Moo e-liquid series is one of the most full-bodied vape liquids in the UK. Many of the Kilo Moo flavours feature creamy tastes and textures that will make you feel luxurious all day long. Some of their best vape flavours include:

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