5 Easy and Effective Tips to Enhance Your Vaping Experience

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5 Easy and Effective Tips to Enhance Your Vaping Experience

Get the most out of your vape with Vapes Direct. With just a few simple steps, you can enhance your vaping experience and enjoy the best tasting clouds. 

Check on Your Batteries
No e-cig battery can be recharged indefinitely, but to get a longer lifespan you should invest in quality vape batteries and learn how to care for them. If your vape has removable batteries, keep a spare set so you have one set on charge while you use the other set. Also be sure to store your batteries safely because if they are damaged they can become unsafe to use. 

Check Your Tank
Your vape tanks will need to be cleaned from time to time because e-liquid can gum up the tank and make your e-liquid taste bad, even when using a high-quality product like the Aspire K3 tank. If you use different flavours of e-liquids, you should clean your vape tank each time you switch flavours. Otherwise the vapour you produce will have a bad aftertaste. 

Focus on Maintenance
Like your batteries, your entire device needs to be checked and maintained regularly to keep it in good working order. Your device should come with manuals that will explain how to clean and properly care for each component of your vape. There are also plenty of tutorial videos online. Become familiar with these processes and perform them regularly to increase your device’s lifespan and quality. 

Use the Best Vape Juice
The best vape juices don’t have to break the bank. Just make sure the e-liquids you use don’t skimp on ingredients! To help keep your e-liquid fresh and delicious, don’t leave it exposed to air for long periods of time and be sure to give the bottle a good shake before refilling your tank. 

PG/VG Ratio in Vaping Juices 
PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerine) are food-safe liquids that make up most of your e-liquid. Check what type of ratio is ideal for your vape and its different pieces. Some coils and devices can’t handle certain ratios so if you consistently use the wrong type of e-liquid, you will not only have poor quality vapour, but you will damage your vape. 

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