5 Pro Tips to Extend Your E-Cigarette Battery Life

Posted by Amit Bhagalia on

Extend Your E-Cigarette Battery LifeYour e-cig battery needs to be properly charged and in good condition to get the most out of your vape. Whether your vape battery is built into your device or you have removable batteries, maintaining your vape batteries is necessary to extend its life.

Here are 5 tips to help ensure that your vape batteries stay in the best condition.

1) Turn Off Your Batteries When Your Vape Isn’t in Use

Turn off the vape whenever it isn’t in use. This will preserve your battery life because even when you aren’t vaping, the battery will continue to drain if the vape is left on. Leaving it on when not in use also runs the risk of you accidentally damaging it in your pockets or handbag, which can damage your coil, use up your e-liquid, and drain the battery.

2) Only Charge Your Batters with The Right Equipment

The vape should come with a dedicated charging cord and charger. Never use unbranded cords or chargers as these may not be suitable for your device. Using the wrong equipment can damage your device and batteries and potentially cause a safety hazard.

3) Never Leave Charging Batteries Unattended

Batteries of any type shouldn’t be left unattended when charging. You don’t have to sit there watching the batteries, but you shouldn’t leave the house or leave them charging overnight. Periodically check your charger to ensure that everything is still going smoothly and that there are no potential safety issues.

Once your batteries are fully charged, remove them from the charger to prevent overcharging.

4) Use a Dedicated Battery Charger for Removable Batteries

The safest and most efficient way to charge an external vape battery is via a dedicated battery charger. Depending on the one you buy, it will be packed with features like surge protection, voltage detection, or a screen to monitor the charging progress.  

5) Store and Transport Removable Batteries Correctly

When your batteries are not inserted in the vape pen, you should store them safely in a plastic or rubber case. Never carry them loose in your pockets or bag and avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures. You can find several suitable cases for your batteries at Vapes Direct.

For vape battery chargers with the latest features and technologies, visit Vapes Direct. We also stock several powerful and long lasting vape batteries. 

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