can you take disposable vapes on a plane uk?

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can you take disposable vapes on a plane uk

There are a lot of things to remember to pack when you’re going away on a trip. Clothes, passports, money, copies of your itinerary, and device chargers are just some of the essentials most of us pack in our baggage. People who vape also have to remember to bring their vapes and accessories so they aren’t caught out when the urge to vape hits.

Vapes on the Plane

Unless you’re travelling to a country where vaping is banned(like Australia), you can take your vape pens or disposable vapes with you in your carry-on luggage. They can’t go into your checked luggage because of the lithium batteries inside of them.

Like cigarettes, it’s illegal to puff while you’re on the plane. Doing so can land you in jail as well as leave you with hefty fines. Many airports have designated smoking areas once you’re through security so be sure to get your fix in before you board the plane!

Can I Take E-liquids on a Plane?

Most airports only allow a limited amount of 100ml bottles of liquid in your carry-on bags. If you plan to bring e-liquids with you, ensure that they aren’t above 100ml and that they are stored in a clear, resealable plastic bag. You’ll need to take the bag and your vape out of your luggage when you go through security.

Some airports have removed their liquid restrictions and are once again allowing people to bring more than 100ml containers. It’s expected that all UK airports will thankfully remove the 100ml limit by 2024 but until then you’ll need to adhere to any restrictions that are in place.

Travelling with Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes like the Lost Mary QM600 Disposable Vape and the Blu Bar by My Blu Peach Ice are ideal for travel because they are compact and very portable. Plus, you don’t have to pack any chargers or extra e-liquids! Another benefit to flying with disposable vapes is that unlike traditional vapes, they’re less likely to leak from changes in pressure.

Before your next big trip, don’t forget to stock up! We have a variety of great tasting affordable disposable vapes like Geek Bar Dr Vapes Pink Ice, Zeus Juice Disposable Vape - Dimpleberry Ice, and Geek Vape Geek Bars – Strawberry Ice Cream.

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