Do You Love Smok Novo Pods or Smok Novo Kits?

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Do You Love Smok Novo Pods or Smok Novo Kits?
When it comes to buying an e-cigarette starter kit, SMOK is one of the brand names that comes up most often. SMOK are leaders in the vaping industry because of their consistently innovative,  high-quality vape products. So, if you are looking at an e-cig kit, SMOK Novo kits are a great place to start.

SMOK Novo Comparison
SMOK Novo Kits are highly rated starter kits that many vapers swear by. Easy enough for a beginner but powerful enough for experienced vapers, the Novo kits are a must have in every vaping enthusiasts collection. 

SMOK Novo Kit
The SMOK Novo Kit is absolutely beautiful inside and out. Its cobra inspired design is available in several colours that enhance the vape’s sleek, ergonomic design. Within this gorgeous casing is a 450mAh battery that has a range of 10-16 watts. Able to fit in the palm of your hand, this device is great for those who want to vape on the go.

Two side-fill 2ml pods are included within the kit, topped with mouthpieces that feel great between your lips. All you have to do to vape is inhale, mimicking smoking a cigarette. There are no buttons or fuss, making this an easy vape to use.

SMOK Novo 2 Pod Kit
The SMOK Novo 2 is an upgraded version of the Novo kit with a range of 6-25 watts. It has a more powerful 800mAh battery meaning you can vape for longer. Like its predecessor, it’s a draw activated vape, but has new air-intake grooves to create crisper clouds of vapour.

The SMOK Novo 2’s curved body comes in several colours and designs so you’ll find one to match your style. Always innovative, SMOK has created a stylish, powerful, and reliable device in the SMOK Novo 2. And because of its compact size, you can vape anywhere and everywhere.

If you are comparing the SMOK Novo vs the Novo 2 pod kit, you will see that both devices are impressive little vapes. You can’t go wrong with either, but the Novo 2 does boast better performance with its enhancements and more powerful battery.

Vapes Direct has both the SMOK Novo Kit and SMOK Novo 2 Pod kit in stock alongside a wide range of e-cig and e-cig accessories. For the best e-cigarette and e-cig liquid in the UK.

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