Beginner's Guide To E-Cigarette Batteries

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Beginners Guide To E-Cigarette Batteries

Batteries can make or break your next vaping session so read our guide to learn more about vape batteries and how they impact your clouds.

How Do Vape Batteries Work?
The batteries inside your vape are similar to the ones you use to power your other devices at home, just larger in size. Even though they’re bigger, they work on the same principles of other batteries. They store chemical energy and convert it into electrical energy to power your electronics.

What are the Different Kinds of Batteries?
Vape batteries are labelled according to size with the first two numbers being the width in mm and the next three numbers the height. For instance, the most common batteries used in vapes are 18650 meaning it is 18mm x 65mm in size.

Some vapes have adjustable wattage, which is the amount of power your e-cig battery puts out. If you turn the wattage up, your battery will use more power and make your coil hotter. This vaporises more e-liquid, producing bigger clouds and a bigger throat hit.

Generally, the larger the battery, the more output and capacity it has. If you need an e-cig battery that lasts longer between charges, you’ll want a battery with a higher capacity. You’ll find this listed in the battery’s specs under mAh. The mAh is how long the battery can be used until it needs to be charged again. If you tend to vape at higher wattages (over 40W), you need a higher mAh vape battery that can handle high drain and has a large capacity.

Battery Safety
It is very important to properly care for your batteries. Not only will doing so protect the quality of your batteries, but it will keep you and your device safe, too. 

  • Checking them periodically to ensure the wraps and battery itself are intact. If you notice any damage, recycle the batteries properly and buy new ones.
  • Keep them in a rubber or plastic case if you are going to be carrying them loose.
  • Don’t expose your batteries to extreme temperatures or moisture.
  • Never leave charging batteries unattended.

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