Edge Eliquids Top Ten Rundown

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Edge E Liquid: The Top 10 Best Selling Flavours

 Edge Eliquid

It is no secret that Edge E-liquids have taken over the vaping scene with their premium ingredients creating the most indulgent flavours on the market. They are renowned for helping the UK go smoke free by constantly renovating their products to help make the switch easier from cigarettes to vaping. Edge as a brand are not only helping by creating the flavours, but by making their products affordable.

Let's go ahead and have a look at Edge's Top 10 Best Selling Flavours on Vapes Direct!

  1. EDGE Very Menthol - Our number 1 seller throughout the whole year. Very Menthol flies off the shelves, it's a perfect blend of a hit of menthol, finishing with a peppermint taste on the exhale.
  2. EDGE British Tobacco - A very traditional tobacco flavour, this is the vape for you if you're making the transition from cigarettes, especially if you're not a fan of anything fruity.
  3. EDGE Virginia Tobacco - Another flavour for ex-cigarette smokers. This flavour mirrors the taste of rolling cigarettes, roasted and very authentic with subtle notes of sweetness.
  4. EDGE Forest Fruits - A berrylicious blend of blueberries and strawberries, known for not being too sweet and overpowering but the perfect amount of fruit flavour, its juicy and delicious. A great starter if you want to try something sweet.
  5. EDGE Blueberry - If you prefer a mix of both sweet and tangy then this is a go-to. The natural sweetness from the blueberry paired with notes of tang, perfection.
  6. EDGE Blackcurrant - A flavour not to be missed, the consistent tones of blackcurrant from the beginning to end, this sweet e-liquid is great for an all-day vape.
  7. EDGE Strawberry & Lime - Are you a zest lover? This vape may be perfect for you. Layered with an amalgamation of both ripe strawberry and zesty lemon, you will experience am interesting yet flavour-packed combination.
  8. EDGE Cherry Ice Menthol - Imagine a burst of cherry on the inhale and finishing off with a hit of icy, cool menthol on the exhale. A great fusion of flavours.
  9. EDGE Strawberry Milkshake - If you're more into your desserts, then why not give this a go? A creamy e-liquid merged with juicy strawberry flavours. Tasty and smooth.
  10. EDGE E-Liquid Heizen - an all-round classic in the Edge range. The flavours of sweet and tangy raspberry alongside notes of aniseed. A unique yet popular blend.

Now what vape kit do I go for?!

We recommend using the Aspire Gotek X Pod Kit.

 Aspire Gotek Pod Vape Kit

Fantastic for vaping when you’re on the move, it boasts a great 650mAh battery meaning you can enjoy lengthy vaping sessions throughout the day without constantly worrying about its charge. With this kit, you can also have a go at both MTL (Mouth to Lung) and RDTL (Restricted Direct to Lung) due to its airflow control slider. Making it easier to switch between the two.

If you’re a cigarette smoker looking to move over, the Gotek X Pod Kit can mimic the feel of a cigarette, simply by blowing on the mouthpiece, it will create a subtle quantity of vapour.

Clean and easy to use, this works well with Edge E-Liquids. 


  • Aspire Pod Kit
  • MTL & RDTL Vaping
  • Built-In 650mAh Battery
  • Multiple Protection Features
  • ASP Chipset
  • 2ml Refillable Pods
  • Side Filling
  • Mesh Coils


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