How to enhance the Flavour of E-Liquids

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Grape flavour Eliquids
E-liquids are all about the flavour and so it can be disappointing if you choose a new taste and it just doesn’t deliver. Vapes Direct sells only top quality e-liquids including Liqua e-liquids and best sellers like grape flavour e-liquidsBuy e-liquids for your vape from Vapes Direct, we offer one of the best selections of premier eliquids.  You need look no further if you want to buy e-liquids in the UK.

How can you maximise the flavour of your e-liquid?

  • Check out the e-liquid that you are using, if you think the flavour is disappointing then look at the PG/VG ratio. If the e-liquid has a high or max VG level then that’s probably why it is disappointing on taste.  Aim for an e-liquid with a 50:50 ratio
  • Change the coil. If you use high VG liquids in particular then your coil and wick could need changing as frequently as once a week although a good average to work is once a month.  Spent coils give a reduced flavour and a hot, dry taste with muted tones
  • Clean your kit regularly – this can make a real difference
  • Check your equipment, you might need to replace or upgrade. Consider a double coil rather than a single coil which will give you more flavour and change from a plastic tank to a glass one
  • Drink water before you vape, this can help improve your tastebuds and will maximise flavour
  • Stay refreshed throughout the day as dehydration can also affect how eliquids taste
  • Check the settings on your vape kit, different PG/VG ratios will produce better flavours at different temperatures so try altering the temperature and keeping a record of when the e-liquid tastes better
  • Regulate the airflow, closing it down a little if you are used to vaping with a high airflow will enhance the flavour
  • You might be experiencing vapers tongue, suck citrus fruit to cleanse your palate

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