How to Install and Replace SMOK Coils in Your Vape Device?

Posted by Amit Bhagalia on

How to Install and Replace SMOK Coils in Your Vape Device

If you own a vape device such as the Uwell Nunchaku, Smok V8 X Baby, Innokin Axiom M21, or the Eleaf GS Air 2, knowing how to install and replace the coils can help you save on your expenses in the long run.

A Quick Guide to Installing and Replacing Your SMOK Coils

SMOK devices are excellent vape systems for beginners taking on the hobby. Though most people have enjoyed the device for years, there are instances when you need to replace the coils, so it runs smoother.

Replacing your device's coils is essential, or the e-liquid will come out tainted or unhealthy to inhale. Generally, the coil is easier to replace; however, there are no specific guides on adequately doing it. So, here are some essential tips on effectively cleaning, replacing, and installing your SMOK vape coils.

 1.   Start by gathering all the necessary supplies needed to replace your vape coils. You will need a new SMOK coil compatible with your vape device model. For example, Uwell Nunchaku Replacement Coils, SMOK V8 X Baby Replacement Coils, Innokin Axiom M21 Replacement Coils, Smok LP2 Replacement Coils, Eleaf GS Air 2 Replacement Coils, or the OBS Replacement Coils are readily available online.

2.    Before replacing the coil, ensure your vape device is turned off and disconnected from the device's power source. This is essential for safety reasons.

3.    Next, locate the tank or atomiser section of your vape device. Unscrew the tank from the base carefully. This process will expose the coil assembly.

4.    Take the old coil out by unscrewing it from the base or removing the component from the tank. Take note that coil removal depends on the design of your device. Also, remember to dispose of the old coil properly.

5.    Take the new SMOK coil and prime it. Drip a few drops of e-liquid on the exposed cotton-wicking coil material. This helps saturate the coil and prevent dry hits.

6.    Reassemble the whole vape system and ensure that it is securely tightened but avoid over-tightening as it can damage the coil or even the device itself.

7.    Now, you can fill the tank with your favourite e-liquid. Follow the instructions provided with your specific vape device for proper filling techniques.

8.    Let the tank sit for a few minutes to thoroughly saturate the coil, and then reconnect the vape device to the power source so you can turn it on.

Remember to regularly clean your device and replace coils periodically to maintain optimal performance and flavourful hits. The frequency of coil replacements depends on usage, e-liquid composition, and personal preferences. Reach out to our experts at Vapes Direct if you need to know if your SMOK device coils need replacement.

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