IVG Disposable Air Bars: The Perfect Travel Companion for Vapers

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IVG Disposable Air Bars The Perfect Travel Companion for Vapers

Since 2016, IVG has been dedicated to helping people go smoke-free. They recognise the benefits quitting smoking has on their customers’ health, so they strive to create delicious and high-quality products to help them quit. The UK brand can now be found in over 100 countries across the globe and has won several awards in many of those countries.

IVG, or I Vape Great, has entered the disposable vaping market with their high quality disposable air bars. Their disposable e-cigs are user friendly and designed to help beginners make the switch to vaping. These sleek devices are filled with deeply flavoured nic salt e-liquid and are perfect for you to carry with you on the go.

IVG Disposable Air Bars

Vapes Direct is proud to carry IVG’s highly rated disposable vapes. They’re available in several flavours, including classic vape flavours as well as unique ones you can’t find anywhere else. A few of the best-selling IVG disposable air bar flavours we carry are:

Cheap Disposable Vapes from Vapes Direct

Disposable vapes are a fantastic way for people to start their vaping journey and to vape while they’re out and about. If you’re ready to go smoke free, Vapes Direct is here for you. We have the best selection of cheap disposable vapes like Elf Bar and IVG Disposable Air Bars. Explore our website to see what we have on offer.

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