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Simple Guide to Vape Tanks

What is a Vape Tank?

A Vape Tank is also Known as a Tank, Clearomisers, Pod, Cartomiser. The Newer Terms Are Pod Tanks and Vape Tanks. A Vape Tank is there to hold the Eliquid of your choice. Most tanks will have a Coil in them which turns the Eliquid in the tank to Vapour.

Every Tank has its own unique vapour output and flavour delivery, the Coil in this case is what makes most difference.

What to Look for in the Right Vape Tank for yourself

Size of mouthpiece - Wider Mouthpieces or drip tips deliver huge amount of vapour so this is great if you are a cloud vaper but if you use nicotine strengths of over 6mg then you may prefer a smaller drip tip.

Aesthetics - The Style and colour of the tank are important as you want it to match up with the Battery Mod you are paring it with, so ensure you look at the diameter of the tank as you don’t want the tank to be larger then the Battery Mod.

Liquid Capacity – In the United Kingdom our TPD laws state all tanks can not be larger then 2ml, so if you Sub Ohm Vape then is most suggested you pick the 2ml options as they are many 1.5ml tanks which makes a difference to filling.

What type Tank – There are many forms of Tanks Mouth to lung (MTL) or Direct to Lung(DTL) and also the Newer Restricted Direct to Lung(RDTL). So to Simplify this if you vape eliquids with strengths over 6mg, then we would point to Mouth To Lung(MTL) Tanks as these would support you great and work optimally with higher Nicotine Eliquid Strengths. The Aspire Nautilus Range of tanks is ideal for Mouth To Lung Vaping.

If you however vape 0mg and 3mg you may prefer Direct to Lung Tanks these offer differing types of vapour production. In these Vape tanks the Coil Resistances give the user great changes of wattages to vape at.

As an example, the Smok V2 Vape Tank houses the Smok V2 Mini Coils, in this range there are several coil options, here is a description of 3 of the coil types :

The Baby V2 A1(90w-140w), a single core coil with a resistance of .17ohm. This coil has one hole, with mesh covered cotton in it. The design is simple, but it reliably gives you faster heating and better taste.

The Baby V2 A2(50w-80w), a dual core coil with a resistance of .20ohm. This coil has smaller holes side by side, both with cobra mesh covering. These dual coils allows for greater airflow and massive clouds.

The Baby V2 A3(60w-100), a triple core coil with a resistance of .15ohm. This coil has three holes and three airflow slots, allowing it to take in even more air. All three coils will heat simultaneously, giving you insane clouds of vapour.

Now here the A1 coil delivers the highest wattage and has one single mesh coil so vapour delivery is constant and full airflow. Which is great if you want huge vapor clouds, but if you want more flavour then the A3 coil has 3 coils within and hence means more flavour production but also the airflow will be more restrictive as there are 3 coils within the chamber.

In either case what we are pointing out here is that it is important to investigate the information of each tank and look at the coil options to see where you like to be at.

Also, worth noting that having high wattage Vape Tanks is great, but they will need coil changes very often and you will be using much replenishing Eliquid more often so if you wish to be more economical then look for tanks with wattage ratings of 30-80 watts.

High Wattage Vape Tanks also require a Good Dual Battery Vape Mod or Single 21700 Battery Vape Mod, this is so the power discharge is more optimal, and your battery may last a few hours.

Disposable Tanks – These are most popular now, Freemax have a great range and Innokin have also released a good range too. If you don’t want the hassle of coil changes then these are ideal. These disposable tanks are just as the name suggests, you use them till the Coil burns out and replace with a new one. There are many advantages for having these tanks but will not preform to the standard of a reusable Vape tanks.

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