Nasty E-liquids Juices: Choose the right kind of flavour for you

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Nasty juice flavours
Nasty is anything but! Nasty is one of the leading E-liquid brands on the UK vaping scene. With a huge range of Nasty juice flavours to choose from, make Vapes Direct your one-stop-shop for everything Nasty including Nasty Juice eliquid shortfills, one of our best selling products.

Nasty provide undoubtedly high-quality e-liquids, particularly focusing on refreshing fruit flavours unlike some other brands. Let’s take a look at what makes Nasty juices actually very nice. But first off, before we discuss flavours, what is a shortfill?

Shortfills, or sometimes also called Shake n’ Vape e-liquids, are larger bottles of vape juice that come without nicotine. These products are called shortfills simply because they are not filled right up to the top. The space left is specifically for adding a nicotine shot also called a ‘nic shot’ to the e-liquid.

Nasty Juice Cushman
The Cushman series from Nasty Juice needs no introduction. It uses Mango as its base layer then adds another luscious fruit. This range is based on their legendary Mango Cush from the fruit e-liquid range to which they have added strawberry, grape or banana to heighten the flavour and increase the range of top notes. The Nasty Juice Shortfill Cushman is one of our best sellers.

Nasty Sisha Grape Raspberry
Enjoy the powerful combo of sweet, sharp raspberry and luscious green grapes blended together for an unforgettable flavour. The Nasty Sisha Grape Raspberry shortfill bottle is 50ml with a handy 10ml of free space to just pop in that nicotine shot. It has a 70VG/30PG ratio so is perfect for high-powered mods.

Nasty Juice Green Ape
The Nasty Juice Shortfill Green Ape is 50ml of intense apple flavour with exquisite subtle hints of bubblegum which hit the user on inhalation.  You can anticipate a wave of menthol upon exhalation due to the faint mint flavour. Sweet and icy sharp, this shortfill has a 70% VG.

Nasty Juice Trap Queen
Trap Queen is a berry blend with a defined cool note using a mix of mint blended with strawberry juice, a classic combination. Not too sweet because of the mint, the Nasty Juice Trap Queen Shortfill is for the sophisticated vaper to use with or without nicotine.

Discover all the Nasty juice flavours and Nasty Juice eliquid shortfills in our online store plus all the vaping essentials you need for the perfect vape experience.  Our website is loaded with brands, kit and equipment plus useful information to help enhance your vaping experience. Take a look to find out more

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