Top 5 Flavours: Disposable Vape eliquids in UK

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disposable vape e-liquid flavours

This summer, treat yourself to some of the best tasting disposable vape flavours available at Vapes Direct. From the cool refreshing taste of icy mint to the sweet summery goodness of fizzy lemonade, we have a disposable vape to make summer 2022 your best tasting one yet.

Disposable Vapes 

If you haven’t tried out a disposable vape yet, now is the perfect time to do so. Most major brands of vapes and vape juice have entered the booming disposables market so you can get many of your favourite e-liquid flavours in a disposable vape.

Disposable vapes, also known as puff bars, are leak free, easy to use, and compact so they can fit into just about every vaping style. When you buy a puff bar, all you have to do is open the package and you’re good to go! They come with a pre-charged built-in battery and are pre-filled with strong, delicious e-liquid. There’s no maintenance involved so no more refilling tanks, charging batteries, or replacing pods and coils. When your vape runs out of e-liquid or battery power, simply dispose of it and open up a new one. 

Most puff bars have 500-600 puffs in them. The average smoker takes around 10 puffs on a traditional cigarette so a pack of 20 cigarettes has roughly 200 puffs total. This means that a single disposable vape has more puffs than a pack of cigarettes. Plus they cost significantly less than cigarettes! 

The Best Disposable E-cig Flavours for Summer 2022






These are only a handful of the incredible disposable vape e-liquid flavours we have at Vapes Direct. No matter which brand or flavour you prefer, we have a puff bar waiting for you. Especially popular is the grape Elf Bar 600, giving you up to 600 puffs of an unbeatable, rich grape taste. 

Buy the best grape flavour vape juice, disposable vape tobacco flavours, and more online in the UK from Vapes Direct. 

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