Vape Accessories: An Overview of Vape Batteries

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Vape Accessories: An Overview of Vape Batteries
When people first start out vaping, they often use vape pens or disposable vapes that have a battery built in. Once they get the hang of vaping, however, they might decide to move on to a more powerful device like a vape mod with removable components. The beauty of vape mods is that you can switch out different parts to create unique vaping sessions. One of the most important of these parts is the
vape battery.

Guide to Vape Batteries
When looking at vape batteries, you want to check the specs to make sure it will perform the way you want it to with your device. Unless you’re a battery enthusiast, it can be a bit confusing looking at the different terms and how they translate into vape performance. This information should help break it down for you.

Battery Capacity vs Battery Voltage
The capacity of a battery is the measure of its lifespan off of a single charge. Vape battery capacity is usually measured in milliamp hours, or mAh. The higher the mAh of the battery, the longer it will last between charges.

Battery voltage is the measure of a battery’s power. The higher the voltage, the higher your battery’s capacity will be.

Battery Capacity vs Power Delivery
It may seem like the best way to get a long-lasting battery is to get the one with the highest mA but this isn’t always the case since other parts of your device can impact your battery’s power delivery. For instance, high resistance coils will draw more power than a lower resistance coil. If you consistently vape at a high wattage, this will run down your battery’s power faster than vaping at lower wattages.

Vape Battery Accessories
There are a couple of accessories you should buy for your e-cig battery. The first is a vape battery charger so you can have a spare set of batteries on charge. This allows you to use one set while you charge the other, meaning you always have batteries ready to go.

If you will be transporting or carrying your vape batteries around, you’ll need to buy a rubber or plastic case to keep them from getting damaged in your pockets or handbag.

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