What Are the Best 18650 Batteries?

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What Are the Best 18650 Batteries

Even if you have a top of the line vape tank and only use premium e-liquid, your vape mod is only as good as what is powering it. That is why it is important to have a battery that is compatible with your gear, e-liquid, and the type of vapour you like.

A versatile mouth-to-lung battery that many vapers swear by is the 18650 e-cig battery, which is a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The first four digits (1865) refer to its dimensions, making this battery 18mm around and 65mm long.

Vape Battery Maintenance and Safety
So you’ve got your top of the line 18650 vape battery ready to go, but to make sure it stays top of the line, you need to properly maintain it.

To safely charge your batteries and avoid damage by under-charging or overcharging, many experienced vapers buy two sets of batteries and a dedicated charger. Instead of charging your batteries directly through your mod, you can have a set charging whilst you use a fully charged set. This avoids damage from under/overcharging or from mixing batteries.

Don’t just toss your batteries around or carry them loose. If your batteries are going to be outside of a charger or mod, you should keep them in a case to prevent them from getting damaged.

Also try to charge your batteries before they fully drain. The type of lithium ion batteries vapes use will end up with a shorter lifespan if they consistently reach 0% power.

The Best 18650 Vape Batteries

  • Vapcell 18650 K28 Battery: This battery has a 2800mAh capacity and a fully charged voltage of 4.2V. It has a flat top terminal and a continuous discharge of 20A.

  • Vapcell 18650 K30 Battery: The K30 has a 3000mAh capacity and 15A maximum discharge rating. The fully charged voltage is 4.2V and the nominal voltage is 3.6/7V.

  • Vapcell 18650 K25 Battery: The K25 battery has a 2500mAh capacity and a maximum discharge rating of 20A.

  • Aspire 18650 Battery: This Aspire battery is a 3.7V battery with a 2600mAh capacity and a 20A normal discharge current.

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