What Eliquids Are and Types of Vape Juice

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A Beginners Guide To The Different Types Of E-Liquids Available On The Market.

Whether you’re trying to quit smoking or just curious to understand the overwhelming terms you may come across in the world of vaping - we are here to break it down for you.

There are a few different types that we are going to cover in this blog to ensure it's a smoother process for you to understand your E-Liquid options. But first let's inform you of what ingredients that an e-liquid compromise of.


  1. Propylene glycol (PG) - an odourless liquid that carries the flavour of your vape juice. Easy to vaporise and gives maximum flavour. PG also gives that hit to your throat so it gives the feeling of smoking a conventional cigarette.
  2. Vegetable glycerine (VG) - a sweet and thick liquid which helps to create a more smooth throat hit. This ingredient is what causes the thicker vapour clouds on exhale.
  3. Flavouring - In the world of e-liquids and vaping, the possibilities are endless. Depending on your acquired taste, you can try something fruity and sweet or a maybe on the opposite end of the scale - you may like something that has a more menthol and icy undertone. You won't be short on flavours to try.
  4. Nicotine - Not all vapes contain nicotine. You are more than welcome to enjoy the wonderful flavours of e-liquid on their own but generally if you are looking to transition to vaping from smoking you are going to want one that contains nicotine. You will find the strength of nicotine on each bottle.

Different Types of E-Liquid

  • Nicotine Salt E-Liquids (or known as Nic Salts)

Elux Nic Salt E-liquid

Nic salts are a very popular for smokers who are trying to quit smoking, this is because you are first trying to quit, you require higher levels of nicotine to replicate the feeling of a cigarette. Nic Salts have the smooth ingredients to allow such a high level of nicotine without the effects. You don't have to be in the position of moving from cigarettes to vaping to enjoy this; it is however recommended if you are in that position.

  • Shortfill E-Liquids (or known as Shortfills)

As it says in the name, Shortfill E-Liquids is a bottle that has a shorter amount of e-liquid provided, in order for yourself to fill up the rest with shots of nicotine. It is up to the vaper to add their own strength of nicotine, give it a shake and then it is ready to go. Shortfills are most commonly used by vapers who have a bit more experience, they have acquired their own taste and vaping style.

 Zeus Juice Eliquid shortfills

  • 50/50 E-Liquid

50/50 E-Liquid is a vape juice that consists of PG (Propylene Glycol) and 50% VG (vegetable glycerine). As explained earlier, PG is what carries the flavour and VG is what creates the thick clouds of vapour. 50/50 is a perfect combination to give you the best of both worlds. This e-liquid can be used in both sub-ohm and classic devices and are designed to imitate a cigarette hit of MTL (mouth-to-lung) and can also be used for a DL (direct lung) inhalation.


  • High VG E-Liquids

High VG e-liquids are any e-liquid that have an amount of 70% High vegetable glycerine or more. High VG e-liquids are great for vapers who enjoy a much smoother hit and who enjoy creating a large cloud on exhale. It also has a slightly more sweet liquid. These liquids aren't the most suitable for nic salts, as a higher powered kit can sometimes be a lot more intense, making it harder to enjoy.

In this new era of vaping, there is a plethora of e-liquids and devices to choose from, you can take a look at all the different types we sell here and start your journey into vaping. Whether you are looking to put down the cigarettes or you're curious to try the amazing flavours we have to offer, we cover it all. Happy Vaping!


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