How to Store SMOK Coils for Maximum Freshness and Flavour?

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How to Store SMOK Coils for Maximum Freshness and Flavour

Also called atomisers, vape coils are powerful little pieces of kit that are responsible for turning vape liquid into vapour. There are different types of coils, but most have the same basic design: casing, wicking material, and the heating element.

The wicking material inside your coil is usually made up of cotton. It soaks up the vape liquid in your tank and readies it for the heating element to turn it into vapour.

The heating element is what gives coils their name. It’s made up of metal and is wrapped around the wicking material into a spiral (or coil).When you fire up your vape, the coil heats up and transforms your vape juice into delicious clouds.

Some coils forgo the spiral design and instead have heating elements that are made of strips of resistance mesh. These types of coils are referred to as ‘mesh coils’ and they’re best suited for people who like to vape at a higher wattage.

How to Store Vape Coils

You’ll need to change out your vape coils on a regular basis to keep your vapour tasting great. This is why most vape users keep extra vape coils on hand so they can get right back to puffing those delicious clouds.

Vape coils are made up of cotton and metal so they’re susceptible to damage from the elements. To protect them, you should keep any spare coils in a space that’s dry, cool, and isn’t exposed to light. Any opened replacement packs of coils should be kept in asmall storage box or re-sealable bag to prevent contamination from moisture or debris.

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