Why Lost Mary by Elf Bar is the Perfect Vape Flavour for Summer?

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Why Lost Mary by Elf Bar is the Perfect Vape Flavour for Summer

With their focus on refreshing fruit and menthol flavours of e-liquid, Lost Mary disposable vapes are the perfect vapes for summertime vaping. Each inhale provides a fresh, sweet, and cool flavour that will revitalise you on those warmer days.

Lost Mary BM600 vapes are made by Elf Bar, a true leader in disposable vaping. Their unique compact design allows them to be easily carried with you wherever you go. Unlike other disposable vapes that are more pen like in shape, Lost Mary Vapes come in a modern and vividly coloured bottle shaped design. This makes them more ergonomic to hold as well as more fun!

Each Lost Mary disposable vape comes prefilled with intense 20mg nic salt e-liquid and a fully charged 550 mAh battery. The built-in dual mesh coil will provide you deeply satisfying throat hits packed that are absolutely bursting with flavour.

To use the device, simply take it out of the box and start inhaling on the mouthpiece. It’s simple enough for beginners to use but strong enough to satisfy the cravings of even the most advanced vape users. You’ll get around 600 discrete MTL puffs on average. Once the disposable vape runs out, just open up another delicious Lost Mary bar for more incredible clouds!

Lost Mary by Elf Bar Flavours

Lost Mary by Elf Bar is available in over 30 fresh, all-day-vape flavours that are perfect for lazy summer afternoons. Some of the exciting flavours you can find at Vapes Direct are:

Disposable vaping is one of the most popular ways to start vaping and to vape on the go. With our low prices and special bundle offers, you can afford to treat yourself to as many vape flavours as you want.

In addition to Lost Mary by Elf Bar, you can find other best-selling disposable vape brands like Nasty Fix, Elf Bar, and Geek Bar on our website.

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