Why SMOK Kits are Perfect for Both Beginner and Advanced Vapers?

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Why SMOK Kits are Perfect for Both Beginner and Advanced Vapers

SMOK is one of the most reputable and best known vaping brands across the globe, producing products like vape kits, tanks, pod systems, and vaping accessories.Their products are finely crafted and have options available for users of all experience levels.

As a leader in vaping, SMOK is recognised as being one of the most innovative and trustworthy vaping brands in the market. They were founded in 2010 and their vape kits have been consistent best sellers ever since.

SMOK Vape Kits from Vapes Direct

Buying a SMOK vape kit means you’re getting a reliable and high quality device without breaking the bank. You can find beginner vape kits and more advanced mods to suit every style of vaping.

SMOK vape kits are always best-sellers at Vapes Direct. Some of our most popular models are:

  • SMOK Novo 2C Vape Kit: A compact but powerful vape that has the ease of a disposable but the performance of a vape kit. Draw activated, it has an 800mAh battery and can reach up to 30W. The SMOK Novo 2C Vape Kit is compatible with the high performing Novo Pods, Novo 2 Pods, and Novo 2X pods.
  • SMOK RPM 25W Pod Kit: The SMOK RPM 25W Pod Kit is a vape kit designed for users of all experience levels. It’s a Mouth-to-lung (MTL) device with a long lasting 900mAh battery. It’s a reliable pod system device that reaches up to 25W.
  • SMOK Morph 40 Pod Kit: The SMOK Morph 2 Kit has some serious power within its casing. It’s capable of reaching up to 230W and has two external batteries that will keep it charged all day long. This vape works great with high VG e-liquid is ideal for intermediate to advanced vape users.

You can also find several Nord Vape kits at Vapes Direct that have enough features for advanced users but are easy enough for beginners to use. This includes the SMOK Nord 4 Pod Kit, SMOK Nord 50W Kit, and the SMOK Nord Pro Pod Kit.

Take your vaping to the next level by buying a top performing SMOK vape kit from Vapes Direct like the SMOK RPM 5 Pod Vape Kit and the SMOK Novo 4 Mini Kit.

We also have the replacement SMOK coils, pods, and tanks you’ll need to keep your SMOK kit running smoothly, all at cheap prices.

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