Nasty Juice – A Line of e-liquid Made with 100% Natural Flavours

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Nasty Juice E-liquid flavours are one of the components of vaping that makes it exciting and fun. However, many are concerned about the chemicals used in making these flavourful e-liquids.

The process of vape liquid turning into an inhalable aerosol after it passes through the heating coilcreates new chemicals and trace metals that’s inhaled and released to the user’s lungs.  

What is a Naturally Flavoured e-liquid?

One great alternative to chemical based e-liquids is organic vape liquids. Natural vape juices are known to have fewer chemical components and are getting increasingly popular amongst the vape community.

The word natural means that the user inhales fewer chemicals. Nasty Juice and the Nasty Juice-liquid shortfills are some of the known brands and products to introduce such vaping variety.

One good thing about a vape liquid with 100% natural flavours is the strict regulation during manufacturing. Additionally, naturally flavoured vape liquids are environmentally friendly because they are manufactured and produced with fewer artificial chemicals and synthetic components.

Naturally flavoured e-cig liquids like the Nasty Juice product line are from plant-based sources. These vape juices create a satisfying vaping experience without the use of chemical or laboratory-derived additives.

Determining if an e-liquid has Natural Flavours

Though just like the cosmetics market saturated with commercially marketed products as "organic" or "all-natural," so is the vaping industry. One of the good ways to determine if the brand or product is guaranteed natural is by looking at its ingredients.

Most people concentrate on looking at the flavour profile when it is the combination of all the other ingredients that matter. Although the flavour profile determines the e-liquid's overall appeal, the different chemicals and additives become a determinant.

For example, strawberry-flavoured vape liquid UK might come from a plant or a laboratory-created flavour molecule. The plant-based flavour will pass as a natural additive, while the lab-concocted flavour will most certainly contain artificial chemicals, giving it a strawberry e-liquid flavour.

The PG/VG (Propylene glycol/Vegetable Glycerine) ratio is also a critical factor in determining the overall natural derivative of the vape juice. Large quantities of either VG or PG affect the characteristics of the e-liquid, cloud formation, aroma, and richness.

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