The 5 best brands for e-liquids

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Grape flavour eliquids

It is very important to note that getting the right e-liquidwith the right taste and quality is what really matters to the vaping community in the UK and everywhere else in the world. Do you have your vape starter kit? Then you should choose the right and the best e-liquid for your venture. The right way of getting the right e-liquid it is by checking which vendor offers great services has more followers and consistency in quality. The following are some of the best brands for e-liquids available in the UK.

This is a company that deals with a couple of things inclusive of a wide range of e-liquids, portable herbs, mods and vaporisers among other things. The e-liquids are affordable, of premium quality mixes and also are of less complex blends. These are the reasons why it has earned its spot among the best e-liquids in the UK. It has more complex blends which include Key Lime Cookie and Raspberry Mocha among others. It has a very unique design that is of 70% VG as standard. Grand Reserve Collection has unique flavour such as Rainbow Custard and Havana Beach.

Apollo E-liquid 50/50
Best suited to mouth to lung tank, and can be used with pod mod kit and even the vape pen. The 50/50 of PG/VG gives out an incredible flavour such as the grape flavour e-liquids, strawberry, tobacco, and watermelon among others. All the flavours are also great for the new vapers.

Halo Cigs
They provide quality e-liquids. The most popular are Tribeca and RY4-style tobacco with notes of caramel and vanilla. Even though they do not reveal their ratio of PG/VG, they provide an option where you can choose 70% VG versions in all their liquids.

Black Note
It is a specialist mixer. The e-liquid is made from the real tobacco leaves. It is not flavoured using artificial flavours. The flavours from tobacco spend 6-8 weeks in PG and VG and the final product produces a realistic and nuanced tobacco flavour. The juices come in one main line and the added new V line. Some of the original flavours include an Italian Kentucky variety Legato and Virginia tobacco blend Prelude among others. The V line is of blended mixture. They use a 50/50 PG/VG ratio

Element E-liquid
It has become among the best e-liquids in the UK due to its consistently delicious wide range of flavours and the quality. It has specific lines for tobacco flavours, the FAR (wide range of fruity and sweet flavours), nicotine salt and Emulsions the ratio of PV/VG vary but are over 50%VG.

Which one is your favourite?

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