Vape Kits vs Pod Kits: Which one is Better?

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Picture of Aspire SLX Starter kit vs Aspire Minican Pod kit
Pod kits are really designed for smokers who are transitioning into vaping whereas vape kits are for more established vapers who have moved away from smoking. Vapes Direct sell a range of cheap vape kits and some of the top vape pens in the UK including the best-selling Aspire Starter kit.

What is a pod kit?
A pod kit or what is sometimes called a pod vape is a mini vape based on a two-part system. This is a pod, like the Smok Alike Pod kit, which you can fill with your favourite vape juice that then snaps into a small battery. Pods can be pre-filled so one use or refillable designs. Other words for pod vapes or pod kits include vape pods, mini pods or pod systems.

What is a vape kit?
A vape kit is everything you need for a great vaping experience that just works straight out of the box. Even if you are not a starter, it can be fiddly buying all the different vaping essentials separately and a vape kit saves you the hassle as well as often working out cheaper. Kits generally contain a vape mod, tank, coils and replacement parts or a device and pods to go with it.  All you need to add is some vape juice to suit and sometimes a battery. Aspire is a great brand in this sector, in particular, recommended is the Aspire SLX Starter kit and the Aspire Minican Pod kit.

What is a vape mod?
Vape mods are like e-cigarettes but are a larger device and have a higher vapour production, like a regular vape pen but enhanced or modified hence the shortened name.  The advancements can take many forms, for instance, vape mods tend to have larger batteries and hold more e-liquid.   Also, the mechanism used to heat the e-liquid is more powerful than the standard e-cigarette.  This sets vape mods apart from regular vape pens or e-cigarettes.

Vape mods could be considered a more advanced device and not suitable for a starter but some people use them because the performance of a vape pen doesn’t quite fit the type of experience they want.  It's not necessarily about being an established vaper although, generally, vape mods do tend to be used by more advanced vapers.

Whether you are a new or established vaper, Vapes Direct will have the kit for you.  We sell cheap vape kits including the renowned Aspire Starter kit plus the best range of vape pens in the UKTake a look at our website to find out more

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