What type of e-liquid can be used with the Aspire R1 vape device?

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Aspire R1 vape device

You’d be hard pressed to walk down the street and not see at least one person taking a puff from a disposable vape. Disposable vapes are a good introduction to vaping because of how easy they are to use. You don’t need any prior vaping knowledge and you don’t have to worry about replacing coils or other parts. All you have to do is get a new disposable puff bar when yours runs out of battery or e-liquid.

However, these convenient little vapes do come with a couple of major drawbacks. When compared with the operating costs of a traditional vape pen, disposable vapes can end up being more costly. There’s also the amount of waste that comes with single-use disposable vapes.

For those who want the ease and convenience of a disposable without the extra cost and waste, there’s now the Aspire R1 vape.

Aspire R1 Vape Device

The R1 from Aspire is an updated take on disposable e-cigs. It’s a fully rechargeable and refillable pod kit that is also disposable.

Everything you need to vape is fully contained within the R1. All you have to do is add in your favourite e-liquid! It has a 650mAh rechargeable internal battery inside and is preloaded with a flavour enhancing mesh coil. This little device can be refilled up to 8 times before you need to replace it.

Which E-liquid Should I Use with the Aspire R1?

We recommend using nic salts to get the same throat hit and burst of flavour you’ve come to expect from a disposable vape. When you need to top the pod up, there’s a mess-free sidefill port.

Our range of Bad Juice nic salts and Doozy nic salts go great with the Aspire R1 disposable vape device.

Aspire from Vapes Direct

In addition to the innovative Aspire R1, you can find several other highly rated Aspire devices at reasonable prices from Vapes Direct including:

Buy an Aspire starter kit, the Aspire R1, and other high quality Aspire products We are the UK’s favourite online vape shop and stock a wide selection of affordable vapes, e-liquids, and everything else vape related.

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